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Well well.. I have found myself with a lot of free time on my hands and decided to shake the dust off this online diary of mine. This time I think I will only go for english.. just easier that way since I wont have to translate it! If I am not feeling lazy at 23:00 on another Thursday maybe I will go for both swedish and english. Let's see how long I will keep it up. 
A few weeks ago I went on a weekend to Scottland with the only Slovenian I know. Such B E A U T I FU L scenary.. crazy! Or as Luka so poetically put it: "Fuck, it's beautiful". 
//Funny story about this picture: There were this small area with rocks built like mini towers. Nobody apparently knows where they come from and who put them like this. Locals claims that its the work of fairies..//
We also had lunch by the famous Loch Ness! (fyi Loch = lake so it's really no point in saying the loch ness lake since it's like saying the lake ness lake, which doesn't really make any sense.) I'm sorry to say that we did not get to see the monster.. 
//This picture got a lot of attention on my instagram since Luka is famous among people who knows him for not smiling on pictures. Ten points for the Swede. //
Last but not least we also got to try some Scottish whiskey and chocolate. I ate more chocolate than I drank whiskey though. 
//More of a normal Luka picture - not a lot of emotions but since he is standing right outside a whiskey distillery he is jumping and laughing like a little kid inside. If you look really close you can almost see a hint of a smile. Almost. //
That's it for now people. Spending entire December in Sweden in my hometown so let's see if I can share some crazy adventure picures from here! Probably not but who knows. Really looking forward to getting some christmas spirits going. 


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