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Found a youtube video with some tips of how to bleach your hair at home by yourself without damaging it too much and also without making it yellow. Thought I would share the results with you!
First of, my hair for some reason can handle anything I throw at it so I would have never done this if I knew that my hair couldn't handle it. Second, point is that you are first suppose to bleach it and after you colour it so that you can cover the yellow parts that most likely will be a result from the bleaching. 
Here's how it looked before we got started (I had my lovely assistant Stina helping me):
To my defense I didn't wash it on purpuse for a few days since I heard it's better when you're gonna colour it.. But yes..yuck..
Here are all the products that we used:
First of I put coconut oil in my hair for protection. Smells soo good.. coconut oil always makes me wanna eat panncakes for some reason? Anyway, after that we mixed together everything according to instructions from the Schwarkopf bleaching (or so I thought it was). To protect my hair even more I also added some of the conditioner in the mix. I have no idea actually if this brings anything to the table what so ever. 
After putting this in only my outgrowth for 40 min, this is how it looked:
Super duper yellow but actually not too bad. 
After this we mixed together the other box of colour (or so I thought it was) and this one had a hint of ash in it. We put this in the entire hair for about 30 min as I was a little bit nervous that my hair would turn gray. I did not use the coconut oil at this point but I probably could have since this one really smelled like bleaching and it was so strong.. So I think I might have just bleached my hair twice. Anywho, the results came out like this:
I'm actually very pleased with the results! You can see that there is still a hint of yellow left but soooo much better than I thought it would turn out. Now I just need to cut it a little since, as you can see, it needs it. Please note that it's not because of the colour treatment but because I already needed to trim it a little even before. 
Next time I think I will only use the ash colour twice and also use the oil both of the times.. maybe it will turn out less yellow the first time around.


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