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It´s the season of carnival here in Spain and we were of course not late to hop on the train and dress up. The company I used to work for organized a carnival party with prices for both groups and individuals with the best outfits. We were 9 people who went for the 1920s theme and we came in third! Woho, free cinema tickets - check.
As usual I played the part of hairdresser and I was thinking I could start showing you guys some of my creations here in le blog. Stina was a bit indecisive but in the end she went for the hair down. I think she looks super pretty in both options. I didn't really have time to go outfit hunting so I had to take whatever I had at home which turned out to be more of a male version. With short hair it can be difficult to do something fun but with small hair bands and a good hairspray anything is possible. 
Please note that this is something I do for fun and it's a learning by doing sort of thing. 
Lemme know what you think!


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Välkommen till min blogg kära vänner. Här kommer jag att dela med mig om min vardag i Granada i Spanien. Enjoy!

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