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Last weekend I went on a little weekend up north and had a reunion with me lovely uni ladies ❤️ Third year in a row we are having a mini christmas together. 
The weather was also crazy beautiful! Too bad the snow decided to show up (and dissappear) a week before christmas.. 
My ladies!! 


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So tomorrow is first of Advent. Craaazy how fast time flies.. Do you like my candlestick? I mean for just grabbing what I could find in my parents basement I think it turned out pretty well. 
I thought that Advent was only something we had here in Sweden but as it turns out this is actually a term used in other countries as well (ops..) so I googled a little bit and got this information from Wikipedia <3 : "The term is a version of the Latin word meaning "coming"". Basically we are all waiting for Jesus to be born.
Anyway, for those of you that do not use this term around christmas, here's some info for ya: when there are 4 Sundays left until christmas we decore a candlestick with 4 candles, one to be lit every Sunday until we hit Christmas Eve, and tomorrow we will light the first candle. 
I remember when I was a kid and all of us sisters where still living under the same roof, we would fight about who woud get to light the candles. Lucky for us we are three sister so at least we got one candle each. Our grandparents also used to give us a calendar with a little gift to open everyday in December until Christmas Eve. My friends would usually get a chocolate calendar and I remember I used to be soo jelous.. Imagine a candy A DAY. Spoilt? Maybe a little.. 
Anyway, now I'm gonna go back to my doing not so much and wait for Elise to get home so that I can hang out with her and her baby boy Olle for the rest of the evening <3


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Bästa dagen på året idag - min födelsedag! Woop woop
Är dessutom ledig från jobbet så passade på att bjuda mitt team på chokladkaka igår och fira lite. Fick jättefina presenter verkligen. 
Idag har jag passat på att sova ut, städat och i eftermiddag blir det en löprunda med "NgA running club" haha. Min kära kollega Kaspar tröttnade på tapas så han bestämde att vi skulle börja springa allihopa på Torsdagar istället. Kul initiativ tycker jag! Efter det vet jag faktistk inte vad som händer då kvällen är helt uppstyrd av Stina och hon vägrar berätta vad vi ska göra. Spännandeeeee
Imorgon drar i alla fall jag, Stina, Kent och Jochem på minisemeter till Alicante i tre dagar. Ska bli hur kul som helst. Senast jag kollade så var det 25 grader varmt. Sommar med andra ord. Fy fasen så gött det ska bli. Blir att packa med solkrämen helt klart. 
Today is the best day of the year - my birthday!
Also, I am not working today so I celebrated a bit with my team yesterday. I made a chocolate cake and got some really lovely gifts. Thank you so much everyone <3
Today so far I have been sleeping, cleaning and this afternoon I will go for a run with "NgA running club" haha. My colleague Kaspar got tired of all the tapas so he decided that we should start running every thursday instead. Good thinking Kappe! After that I actually have no idea what the evening will bring since it is Stina planning it all and she refuses to tell me what is going on. Exciting! 
Anyway, tomorrow me, Stina, Kent and Jochem are off to vacation in Alicante for 3 days. We're gonna have so much fun. Last time I checked it was 25 degrees. Summer in other words. I cannot wait./ 


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